Aftermath 4


So, Desmond Kell seeing that Lower Bay is currently occupied by The Titans, he fucks off, not wanting to get his ass beat again.

Deciding to look for another base of operations south of them, they head that way. And encounter a fucking Xenomorph. Yeah, that’s right. They practically shit their pants, trust me. And then, I’m not fucking with you here, the Xenomorph turned into the clown from IT. The reply to that from Cindy Chen was to burn it with fire. Luckily she could control fire. So she did.

The Clown dissolved into a thirteen-year old boy, now badly burned and unconscious. Desmond, none too happy with this turn of events, sent Cindy to bed without supper (i.e., back home).

Not trusting hospitals, he decides to try to get help from Dr. Bertrand Sands. On the way to Dr. Sands apartment, he gets jumped by some Titans and with the help of Flying Guy, he fights them off.

The route to Dr. Sands place is through Church St., which is taking the current situation much better than the rest of the city. It’s a party!

They eventually get to Dr. Sands house. No one is there, creepy. Someone ransacked Dr. Sands’s office, weird.

Guy takes this opportunity to call his ex-girlfriend, who is happy he’s OK but quick to remind him of her current boyfriend, Dr. Gary. Hey, there’s a doctor, and the little boy needs a doctor! Convenient!

They head to Maria and Gary’s house. Gary stabilizes the boy but advises against moving him. Desmond stands watch.



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