Aftermath 5


In Maria and Dr. Gary’s house, Desmond Kell waited for Little Monster to wake up. It took a few days so there was lots of cool time lapse shots and shit.

When Little Monster wakes up, Desmond chides him for scaring people. The child reveals he was just doing it to keep The Titans away from his neighbourhood. He then turns into the a small Xenomorph (think of it like it just bust out of the chest of John Hurt) and runs away.

Desmond goes back to Dr. Bertrand Sands to try to find out what happened there. He finds that some things on cellular biology are missing and that it doesn’t appear to be a robbery but more like someone looking for something.

After that, he decides to check out another of Toronto’s abandoned TTC stations since Lower Bay was already occupied. This time he headed for Lower Queen, and set up a sort of base of operations there.

It was while setting this up that Greg Burns mentioned that five upscale private medical clinics had been burned down in recent days. After investigating for a while, he discovered this was the work of The Titans.

He headed back to Lower Bay with Flying Guy. Brett Simms revealead he had done it to prevent the rich and powerful people in comas from waking up and becoming even more powerful. There was an epic fight which ended with Guy collapsing the station with all the Titans inside and leaving with Desmond.

After credit scene: Under the rubble, Alison Simms had created a telekinetic bubble and saved her brother and some members of her gang, and was digging her way out.



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