Aftermath 1


The Event happened.

Desmond Kell woke up in a gymnasium that had been converted into a makeshift hospital three days later to the sound of screams.

Cindy Chen was out of control of her new found powers and was burning the place to the ground. Desmond was able to calm her down and make her powers subside right before Heywood McKinley threw a bucket of water on her.

Desmond reassured his sister he was OK and then contacted Greg Burns to find out what the hell was going on.

They decided to meet up at a nearby soccer field. On their way there, Heywood discovered his powers. He also decided to get in on this sweet sweet looting that was going on. He went into a local Best Buy which he discovered was being ruled by Harold. He had to trade his Razor Scooter for safe passage.

The group then went into a nearby Canadian Tire to get some supplies and discovered that was being ruled by Randall, who was about to wage war upon Harold. People seemed to have gone a bit crazy in the past few days.

They met up with Greg, who told them the city had been quarantined and at any moment the utilities would finally give out. Greg took all of them back to Desmond’s apartment, and the power went out. Not being able to sit idly by as people were suffering outside, Desmond left the apartment to try to help in any way he could.



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