Aftermath 2


Desmond Kell left the safety of his apartment to try to help the people of Toronto in this time of great chaos.

He discovered three men beating up another man with baseball bats in an alley. After dispatching the muggers, Desmond discovered the victim was Dr. Bertrand Sands, who was very badly injured. With no power, no phones, and the emergency services being kind of busy (see above: chaos), Desmond had to take Dr. Sands to the hospital himself.

Unfortunately there was a little bit of a riot going on outside the hospital. The people who kind of upset at the hospital housing those still in comas from The Event. Whereas the numerous police outside the hospital kept asking politely for the rioters to stop and keep back from the entrance.

Knowing he wouldn’t get into the hospital, Desmond turned away. A few blocks aways, he finally found an ambulance to take Dr. Sands and then heard gunfire in the direction of the hospital. The police had opened up on the crowd. If you’re gonna get shot, might as well be right outside a hospital, eh?

The next day, Desmond decided the city desperately needed it’s power restored. So, he and Greg Burns headed to the power plant where they discovered Felix Lazaro draining all of the electricity (it hurt when he didn’t, can you blame the guy?). After almost talking him down a few times, Desmond finally doused him in water and left him for the authorities. Power restored!

Now that the power was back on, they needed some stuff from the local Best Buy and domain of Harold.

Ending Narration

Harold and Randall are bloody, on their knees, in the middle of the street. They are surrounded by men, who are all wearing at least some yellow.

A man (Brett Simms) comes forward, he has a gun.

Harold, “No, please, please! We were just having a bit of fun!”

The man with the gun leans forward and smiles, “So are we.”

He shoots Harold in the head.

Randall manages to get up and starts running down the street. The man with the gun looks at a woman (Alison Simms) standing nearby. She looks worried but he puts his hand on her shoulder.

She raises her hand and Randall starts floating in the air.



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