Aftermath 3


After seeing Brett Simms kill Harold and Alison Simms use her powers to restrain Randall, Desmond Kell confronts them.

And he gets his ass kicked. He discovers in the fight several important pieces of information: this gang calls themselves The Titans, Brett and Alison are brother and sister, she has powers and he doesn’t, and for some reason the gang members act kind of strange.

Anyways, he wakes up back in Greg’s apartment. It’s revealed that the Titans also left Randall alive.

Not wanting to get the shit kicked out of him constantly, Desmond goes to his sister, Anya Kell, for help with learning how to fight. We’re gonna need a montage!

After a sweet montage set to some kick ass ’80s song, Flying Guy makes another appearance. Still flying out of control. Desmond decides to help.

He acquires a fishing net with the intention of stringing it between buildings, Flying Guy will get caught up in it, Desmond will hang on and Desmond will try to talk him through controlling his power. That happens…sort of.

They do get a chance to talk but getting Flying Guy’s powers under control is a lot harder than Cindy Chen. At one point while they’re talking, for example, they crash into a military drone.

Desmond decides on a last ditch attempt to help Guy control his powers (He’s Flying Guy, his name is Guy, he’s a guy who can fly so high). He lets go of the netting hoping Guy will regain control and save him before he hits the ground.

Desmond hits the ground. It’s pretty gruesome.

He again wakes back up back in Greg’s apartment. But good news! The guilt of thinking he wasn’t able to save Desmond made Guy control his powers!

Sick of constantly waking up back in Greg’s apartment, everyone decides they need a better base of operations. Some place more secure and private. Greg had mentioned earlier that there existed several unused subway stations, including Lower Bay. Field trip!

When they get there however, they discover that some other people already had that idea and are using it. It appears to be the hangout of The Titans.



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