Alison Simms

Titan Psychic


Co-leader of The Titans with her brother Brett Simms.

Growing up with her brother Brett in the foster care system was hard and the two began working the system so that they would always remain close to each other. They bounced around the system, going from foster home to foster home until Brett came of age and they were separated. Alison had to fend for herself for the first time, ever. And it didn’t go well.

After she got old enough, she left foster care and found her brother. At first they tried to live the normal life, finding jobs, and all that but it didn’t work. At first, they started stealing just to eat. Then, Brett convinced her it would be fun. They get by that way, but Brett was always pushing to do more.

Then, The Event hit and when she awoke, things moved when she wanted them to.

Brett convinced her that with her gifts they could form a gang that would bring order to the chaos and bring the 1%, the modern “Gods” of society to their knees to pay for their crimes. Brett always had a way with words.

She doesn’t know she has Mind Control of Telepathy. She just knows things about people and they seem to listen to her and do what she says now.

Alison Simms

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