Anya Kell

Sister of Desmond


Anya is the eldest of three siblings; Niko, the middle child and Desmond, the youngest. At an early age she found herself in the role off guardian angel for her youngest brother as Niko would very often bully and torment him.

It came to a head when Niko was 20 and Desmond finally stood up for himself, albeit earning only a more severe beating from his brother. Anya stepped in and, with her athletics and martial arts training, easily overcame their inebriated brother. At knife point, she told Niko to leave, and leave he did.

After Niko left, Anya’s rage was turned to her parents who had let this happen for Desmond’s entire life. During the yelling match, her and Desmond’s father Simon, suffered a heart attack and later died. Anya was mortified and blamed herself for the loss, though no one else did.

Anya then began to slip down the path of her brother Niko; ignoring and quitting her martial arts and gymnastics futures, and slipping into substance abuse and a criminal element. It was only Desmond’s intervention that pulled her out of it.

Since then, she has been trying to pull her life back together and all has been going well. Then the Event happened. And Desmond is hiding something.

Anya Kell

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