Desmond Kell

Healing factor


Desmond Kell is the youngest of three siblings; Anya, and Nikolai. Niko was the middle child and was constantly in trouble, either with his parents or later the law. He often abused Desmond as a child but Anya was always there to intervene. His mother and father worked from home and the family made enough that they made it by, though with few luxuries.

Niko left their home after Anya had stopped him from hurting Desmond again, this time demanding him to leave at knife point. Niko left and never came back. Anya verbally attacked her parents then for not doing anything to stop Niko. During the yelling match, Desmond’s father Simon, suffered a heart attack and later died in the hospital.

Since then, Desmond has been stopping Anya from going down the same path as Niko, as she feels responsible for her father’s death.

Desmond was accepted into George Brown for Behavioral Science, Sociology and on a whim took a Biology class that opened up last minute due to the professor, Content Not Found: dr-liam-crane and his impassioned speech he gave to the tour he was leading.

On the evening of the Event, Desmond was on his way to meet his sister, who messaged him saying that she was struggling and needed help. On his way to her, the Astrological Event struck, rendering him comatose for four days.

Upon awakening, Desmond has discovered that his body heals rapidly. Very rapidly. He found this out when a girl from college, Cindy Chen blasted him with fire that emanated from her hands. It would seem the two were not the only ones left altered.

Upon reassuring his family that he is safe and well, he began planning with his hacker friend Greg (screen name Over-ride) to begin helping the police by becoming a vigilante. And since Desmond can’t be permanently physically hurt, or so he believes, he disregards the lack of training and complete lack of experience in anything the city of Toronto can throw at him.

Desmond Kell

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