Dr. Bertrand Sands

College Biology Professor


A passionate professor of biology, Dr. Bertrand Sands has been teaching Cellular Biology at George Brown for only a short time.

He met Desmond Kell at the beginning of the semester and noted immediately that he didn’t have the scientific know-how to rightly belong there. This was proven as Desmond would often break down the most complex scientific equations and problems into the most mundane terms. At first this infuriated Dr. Sands but no matter how often Desmond was laughed at, his fearlessness at speaking his mind slowly won over the Scientist.

Desmond’s unconventional method of thinking has not only allowed him to pass his course but he’s begun to surpass some of the others as well, and his way of thinking has opened new ideas and new avenues of approach for private studies that the Doctor is performing.

Four days after the Event destabilized Toronto as a whole, Dr. Sands was trying to get from a small shop that still had food to his home when he was attacked by three young muggers. A man in a black mask stepped in and beat the muggers themselves and saw to it that Dr. Sands found his way to an ambulance, that quickly sped off into the night.

Dr. Bertrand Sands

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