Jozan Uzumaki

Personal Clone Creator


Basic Power
Basic Duplication: Once per scene, you can create a copy of yourself up to one zone away. This copy has your aspects and skills, but it takes a -1 penalty to all rolls. The duplicate is not an NPC, but another character under your control. During a conflict, both you and your copy get a free movement, but only one of you can take an action. You may dismiss the copy at will, or it will fade away on its own at the end of the scene. Your duplicate has its own physical stress boxes and consequence slots for physical damage. If your duplicate would take mental stress, you take it instead.
Effective Duplication: Your duplicates do not take a penalty on rolls.
Teleportation: By creating a duplicate some distance away and then willing away your original body, your consciousness jumps into the spare body, effectively teleporting you. There are metaphysical concerns here, but you try not to think about them.
Power Theme:
Misty Creation
Improved Special Effect:
Duplicate Action: You can split your shifts between two different actions, each performed by a separate iteration of you. Your duplicate cannot succeed with style in this way, and the opposition to its action can’t be higher than the opposition to your action.
Your duplicates are, if anything, too perfect. Sure, you don’t get hurt when they do, but you do Feel Their Pain.
Collateral DMG
Army of Me: It’s exhausting, but you can duplicate yourself well beyond your stated limits…at the expense of your ability to control them. This creates a swarm of you-NPCs under the GM’s control.


Jozan Uzumaki

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