Aftermath 5

In Maria and Dr. Gary’s house, Desmond Kell waited for Little Monster to wake up. It took a few days so there was lots of cool time lapse shots and shit.

When Little Monster wakes up, Desmond chides him for scaring people. The child reveals he was just doing it to keep The Titans away from his neighbourhood. He then turns into the a small Xenomorph (think of it like it just bust out of the chest of John Hurt) and runs away.

Desmond goes back to Dr. Bertrand Sands to try to find out what happened there. He finds that some things on cellular biology are missing and that it doesn’t appear to be a robbery but more like someone looking for something.

After that, he decides to check out another of Toronto’s abandoned TTC stations since Lower Bay was already occupied. This time he headed for Lower Queen, and set up a sort of base of operations there.

It was while setting this up that Greg Burns mentioned that five upscale private medical clinics had been burned down in recent days. After investigating for a while, he discovered this was the work of The Titans.

He headed back to Lower Bay with Flying Guy. Brett Simms revealead he had done it to prevent the rich and powerful people in comas from waking up and becoming even more powerful. There was an epic fight which ended with Guy collapsing the station with all the Titans inside and leaving with Desmond.

After credit scene: Under the rubble, Alison Simms had created a telekinetic bubble and saved her brother and some members of her gang, and was digging her way out.

Aftermath 4

So, Desmond Kell seeing that Lower Bay is currently occupied by The Titans, he fucks off, not wanting to get his ass beat again.

Deciding to look for another base of operations south of them, they head that way. And encounter a fucking Xenomorph. Yeah, that’s right. They practically shit their pants, trust me. And then, I’m not fucking with you here, the Xenomorph turned into the clown from IT. The reply to that from Cindy Chen was to burn it with fire. Luckily she could control fire. So she did.

The Clown dissolved into a thirteen-year old boy, now badly burned and unconscious. Desmond, none too happy with this turn of events, sent Cindy to bed without supper (i.e., back home).

Not trusting hospitals, he decides to try to get help from Dr. Bertrand Sands. On the way to Dr. Sands apartment, he gets jumped by some Titans and with the help of Flying Guy, he fights them off.

The route to Dr. Sands place is through Church St., which is taking the current situation much better than the rest of the city. It’s a party!

They eventually get to Dr. Sands house. No one is there, creepy. Someone ransacked Dr. Sands’s office, weird.

Guy takes this opportunity to call his ex-girlfriend, who is happy he’s OK but quick to remind him of her current boyfriend, Dr. Gary. Hey, there’s a doctor, and the little boy needs a doctor! Convenient!

They head to Maria and Gary’s house. Gary stabilizes the boy but advises against moving him. Desmond stands watch.

Aftermath 3

After seeing Brett Simms kill Harold and Alison Simms use her powers to restrain Randall, Desmond Kell confronts them.

And he gets his ass kicked. He discovers in the fight several important pieces of information: this gang calls themselves The Titans, Brett and Alison are brother and sister, she has powers and he doesn’t, and for some reason the gang members act kind of strange.

Anyways, he wakes up back in Greg’s apartment. It’s revealed that the Titans also left Randall alive.

Not wanting to get the shit kicked out of him constantly, Desmond goes to his sister, Anya Kell, for help with learning how to fight. We’re gonna need a montage!

After a sweet montage set to some kick ass ’80s song, Flying Guy makes another appearance. Still flying out of control. Desmond decides to help.

He acquires a fishing net with the intention of stringing it between buildings, Flying Guy will get caught up in it, Desmond will hang on and Desmond will try to talk him through controlling his power. That happens…sort of.

They do get a chance to talk but getting Flying Guy’s powers under control is a lot harder than Cindy Chen. At one point while they’re talking, for example, they crash into a military drone.

Desmond decides on a last ditch attempt to help Guy control his powers (He’s Flying Guy, his name is Guy, he’s a guy who can fly so high). He lets go of the netting hoping Guy will regain control and save him before he hits the ground.

Desmond hits the ground. It’s pretty gruesome.

He again wakes back up back in Greg’s apartment. But good news! The guilt of thinking he wasn’t able to save Desmond made Guy control his powers!

Sick of constantly waking up back in Greg’s apartment, everyone decides they need a better base of operations. Some place more secure and private. Greg had mentioned earlier that there existed several unused subway stations, including Lower Bay. Field trip!

When they get there however, they discover that some other people already had that idea and are using it. It appears to be the hangout of The Titans.

Aftermath 2

Desmond Kell left the safety of his apartment to try to help the people of Toronto in this time of great chaos.

He discovered three men beating up another man with baseball bats in an alley. After dispatching the muggers, Desmond discovered the victim was Dr. Bertrand Sands, who was very badly injured. With no power, no phones, and the emergency services being kind of busy (see above: chaos), Desmond had to take Dr. Sands to the hospital himself.

Unfortunately there was a little bit of a riot going on outside the hospital. The people who kind of upset at the hospital housing those still in comas from The Event. Whereas the numerous police outside the hospital kept asking politely for the rioters to stop and keep back from the entrance.

Knowing he wouldn’t get into the hospital, Desmond turned away. A few blocks aways, he finally found an ambulance to take Dr. Sands and then heard gunfire in the direction of the hospital. The police had opened up on the crowd. If you’re gonna get shot, might as well be right outside a hospital, eh?

The next day, Desmond decided the city desperately needed it’s power restored. So, he and Greg Burns headed to the power plant where they discovered Felix Lazaro draining all of the electricity (it hurt when he didn’t, can you blame the guy?). After almost talking him down a few times, Desmond finally doused him in water and left him for the authorities. Power restored!

Now that the power was back on, they needed some stuff from the local Best Buy and domain of Harold.

Ending Narration

Harold and Randall are bloody, on their knees, in the middle of the street. They are surrounded by men, who are all wearing at least some yellow.

A man (Brett Simms) comes forward, he has a gun.

Harold, “No, please, please! We were just having a bit of fun!”

The man with the gun leans forward and smiles, “So are we.”

He shoots Harold in the head.

Randall manages to get up and starts running down the street. The man with the gun looks at a woman (Alison Simms) standing nearby. She looks worried but he puts his hand on her shoulder.

She raises her hand and Randall starts floating in the air.

Aftermath 1

The Event happened.

Desmond Kell woke up in a gymnasium that had been converted into a makeshift hospital three days later to the sound of screams.

Cindy Chen was out of control of her new found powers and was burning the place to the ground. Desmond was able to calm her down and make her powers subside right before Heywood McKinley threw a bucket of water on her.

Desmond reassured his sister he was OK and then contacted Greg Burns to find out what the hell was going on.

They decided to meet up at a nearby soccer field. On their way there, Heywood discovered his powers. He also decided to get in on this sweet sweet looting that was going on. He went into a local Best Buy which he discovered was being ruled by Harold. He had to trade his Razor Scooter for safe passage.

The group then went into a nearby Canadian Tire to get some supplies and discovered that was being ruled by Randall, who was about to wage war upon Harold. People seemed to have gone a bit crazy in the past few days.

They met up with Greg, who told them the city had been quarantined and at any moment the utilities would finally give out. Greg took all of them back to Desmond’s apartment, and the power went out. Not being able to sit idly by as people were suffering outside, Desmond left the apartment to try to help in any way he could.


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