House Rules and Character Creation

System Rules

We will be using Marvel Heroic RP for this game, with some slight adjustments…

  • We all have issues with the Milestones system so…it’s gone. But how will XP work?
  • Spending XP:
  • Mostly the same
  • 10 XP = Rookie Specialty (d6)
  • 10 XP = Upgrade a rookie to an expert specialty
  • Cannot buy expert from start for 15 anymore
  • 30 XP = 2nd blank power set (with one free limit)
  • Earning XP:
  • Watcher spending a D12 from doom pool = 1 XP.
  • At the end of the night, I will award every one 1-5 XP based on how well the session went, how much we got done, and a variety of other factors. Everyone will get the same XP at this point. Miss a session, miss the XP.
  • Bonus XP may be awarded based on any number of factors like doing awesome things or bribing me.
  • We will also be using Troupe Play rules for XP.

Character Creation

  • Fill Out: Name, Distinctions, Solo/Buddy/Team
  • Now imagine you have one blank power set, one free blank limit, and blank specialties.
    And, using the normal rules for spending XP, fill it out assuming you have 75 XP.
  • If you don’t use all of the 75 XP right now, you don’t lose what you don’t use. Write down any XP left over to be used later as normal XP.

House Rules and Character Creation

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