One warm summer night in Toronto, a new star appeared in the sky. It grew brighter and brighter until it washed out all the other stars, and then the moon, and then for a brief moment it was brighter than the noon sun. All this happened in a matter of seconds. The Event, as it was to be named in the coming days, occurred over southern Ontario and the northern edges of New York State.

Following that flash in the sky, thousands of people fell into unconsciousness. Some woke minutes later. Some were rushed to rapidly filling hospitals and public buildings. It took some hours to wake, some days, and others it took weeks. And when these people woke up, they were different.

Some changes were small, almost unnoticeable. A blind woman woke up and had the ability to see. A underachieving high school student woke up and was suddenly a straight A student. There were several people whose skin had simply changed to an unnatural colour—blues and greens and purples—with no other changes or powers.

Some people changed so much they were overcome. There was a man who turned to stone and suffocated because his lungs could no longer expand to fill with air. A community centre that had been re-purposed after the local hospital had filled up burned to the ground after someone discovered they could create and control fire.

No one knew what had caused all this. No one knew what was going on. All everyone knew was that the world had changed forever.


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