Brett Simms

Titan Leader


Leader of The Titans with his sister, Alison Simms.

Growing up, Brett had nothing of value but his sister. The two of them were inseparable throughout childhood and into their teenage years. Alison was always the meek one, while Brett was the more outspoken of the two. Having grown up in foster care, Brett came to realize that people will always do what they want, even if it hurt others to do it. He took that as a life lesson and perfected it.

Growing up in the system, they went from foster home to foster home where they were always ‘abused’ or ‘mistreated’. That way they would always end up back together. Until he was kicked out of the foster system; he was of age. He kept tabs on his sister as much as he could but he wasn’t around all the time. He did a few short jail sentences.

Then Alison left foster care and found him. And everything was right in the world again. Alison wanted to turn their lives around, be like normal people. And he tried, he tried the best he could, but it wasn’t good enough. He couldn’t hold down a job and stealing to get what you wanted is just so much easier. He dragged Alison down with him.

When the Event hit, however, Alison dropped and for the first time, Brett was concerned for his sister. He was not affected by the Event but his sister was. Quickly using it to his advantage, he formed a gang to take over part of Toronto.

Having always viewed the upper class of the world to be the people responsible for his woes, he named the gang “The Titans”. His reasoning?

“The Titans ruled the planet, then the Gods came from on high and took what wasn’t theirs because they had the power. Well, that’s not the case anymore. Now we have the power. And it’s time Olympus came tumbling down.”

Brett Simms

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